MI5 drops investigation a month before murder

Two suspects, Michael Adebolajo and Michael Adebowale, were jailed in February for an attack, in which British soldier Lee Rigby was run over by a car in broad daylight and then stabbed to death in the Woolwich area of southeast London. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/11/26/world/europe/british-soldier-killing-death-investigation.html?ref=world
A report Tuesday conceded that the two attackers had, between them, appeared in seven different investigations by British agencies, and it acknowledged that there had been delays and errors, processes that had not been followed, and decisions that were left unrecorded.
Mr. Adebolajo was a high priority for the British intelligence agency MI5 during two operations, the report said, though intrusive monitoring of him ended about a month before the murder.
The report also pointed to failings by British intelligence services in monitoring Mr. Adebolajo after his arrest in Kenya in 2010, where he had been detained because it was believed that he was trying to travel to Somalia to join the Shabab militant group. The response of the British intelligence services was “inadequate,” the committee said.
The report said that Mr. Adebolajo had claimed that during his detention he was mistreated by Kenyan authorities, beaten, and threatened with electrocution and rape on more than one occasion.
“They failed to investigate his allegations of mistreatment,” the report said, adding that the agencies did not grant him “sufficient priority upon his return to the U.K.”
The report concluded that, “given what the agencies knew at the time, they were not in a position to prevent the murder of Fusilier Rigby.”
However, the report highlighted an online exchange in December 2012 between Mr. Adebowale and an extremist overseas, in which Mr. Adebowale expressed his intent to kill a soldier.  Some of Mr. Adebowale’s online accounts at the time were run by an American technology company, which had disabled eight of his 11 accounts over online comments suggesting terrorist intent.

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