Monthly Archives: March 2014

Swiss to host olympic games for cyborgs and avatars

The first Cybathlon, an Olympics for bionic athletes, will take place in Switzerland in October 2016. The event will include a race where competitors control an avatar via a brain interface. There will also be races for competitors wearing prosthetic limbs and exo-skeletons. Hosted by the Swiss National Competence Center of Research, it is […]

ACLU investigates police use of phone tracking devices

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is probing Florida police about its use of mobile phone tracking devices, after it emerged the state spent $3m (£1.8m) on Stingrays. Stingrays act as fake phone towers and allow the police to track suspects via their mobile signals. The Florida state police said that it was not […]

Transportation Security Administration to arm personnel

The Transportation Security Administration is recommending that armed personnel be present at airport checkpoints during peak hours of passenger traffic, though airports would be able to tailor the security to their specific needs, according to a report released on Wednesday. The T.S.A.’s report also suggests that security be increased at ticket counters and other […]

Carter floats idea of presidential pardon for Snowden

Former President Jimmy Carter, on a swing through the nation’s capital to promote a new book, said Wednesday that he would consider a pardon for Edward J. Snowden, the former contractor who leaked classified information about the National Security Agency. But Mr. Carter said that he was not certain he would grant one. Mr. […]

UN HRC calls on US to prosecute CIA killers and torturers

A U.N. human rights watchdog called on the Obama administration on Thursday to review its use of drones to kill suspected al-Qaeda and Taliban militants abroad and reveal how it chose its targets. In its first report on Washington’s rights record since 2006, it also called for the prosecution of anyone who ordered or […]

Drunk US Secret Service agent passes out in hotel hallway

On Sunday, the day before Mr. Obama arrived in the Netherlands, three agents were sent home by the Secret Service in connection with excessive drinking. One of the agents was found passed out in a hotel hallway after he could not figure out how to get into his room. The agents, who were part […]

IMF controlling Ukraine through $18 billion in loans

After three weeks of urgent negotiations with the interim government in Kiev and in an atmosphere of great power competition, the International Monetary Fund announced on Thursday an agreement to provide Ukraine up to $18 billion in loans over two years to prevent the country’s default. The agreement, announced in Kiev, the Ukrainian capital, […]