Monthly Archives: July 2016

“Too Big to Jail” banks avoid prosecution for criminal acts

Have you ever wondered why the crippling 2008 financial crisis generated almost no criminal prosecutions of large banks and their top executives? Then take a moment to read the congressional report issued on July 11, 2016 titled “Too Big to Jail.” Citing internal documents that the United States Treasury took three years to produce, […]

US to limit free speech outside political conventions

The City of Cleveland is issuing permits to groups that want to demonstrate at the convention, but protest areas will be hundreds of feet from the Quicken Loans Arena, or “the Q,” where the main events will take place. Last month, the American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio brought a lawsuit against the city, […]

Democrats to stall release of secret 9/11 report pages

June has come and gone, and there is still no sign of the secret 28 pages missing from a 2002 joint congressional report into the Sept. 11, 2001, attacks. Advocates of releasing the long-sought pages had hoped that they would finally see the documents, basing their optimism on indications from high-ranking Obama administration officials […]

Self-driving cars claim first victim in deadly crash

Thursday that the driver of a Tesla Model S electric sedan was killed in an accident when the car was in self-driving mode. Federal regulators, who are in the early stages of setting guidelines for autonomous vehicles, have opened a formal investigation into the incident, which occurred on May 7 in Williston, Fla. In […]