News and theory exposing the system of secret government and the oligarchical power grab perpetrated by the diabolical globalist elite and their New World Order (NWO) agenda.


  1. It’s time for us. The corporate media has no place. Spread the word. –FFF

    1. No Doubt. The MSM no longer reports or stresses what is important. They report ad nauseam the distractions that lead perception away from the truth of the matter. Kill Propaganda!

  2. Thanks for reading (and “liking”) one of my essays. I enjoy your blog a lot. I’m appreciative that some people cover actual NEWS – unlike the corporate media propaganda artists who are helping take down civilization as they dumb down the masses with clever behavior modification. Peace.

  3. The news is out there if you know where to look. Most people can’t be bothered with the truth. They don’t want to read about it. And they don’t want hear it from either you or me.

    Listen to the truth and justice will prevail.

    “Everyone is crying out for peace, none is crying out for justice”
    Peter Tosh

  4. Thanks for the news and context you provide on this site. As corporate news (and other institutions) continue to collapse under the weight of top-heavy corruption, it’s more important than ever for us to do what we can to create an informed global citizenry. Keep up the good work!

  5. Thanks again. Let us bring the power back to the people and crush the propaganda of the diabolical elite.

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