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Genetic labeling for mental illness

Elite claim people with psychiatric illnesses tend to have a distinctive DNA pattern. Labeling or tagging for purported mental illness without distinction is around the corner. The emerging view of mental illness that aims to make diagnoses based on the genetic aberrations. The psychiatric illnesses seem very different — schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, autism, major depression and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. […]

US Supreme Court considers gutting Voting Rights Act

The Supreme Court looks to strike down or otherwise gut a centerpiece of the Voting Rights Act. There will be far less scrutiny of thousands of decisions each year about redrawing district lines, moving or closing polling places, changing voting hours or imposing voter identification requirements in areas that have a history of disenfranchising minority […]

Wiring brains together to communicate

The wired brain implants allowed sensory and motor signals to be sent from one rat to another, creating the first ever brain-to-brain interface. The purpose is to establish a new artificial communication channel between animals. The elite foresee eventually extending the system to larger numbers of animals. “We are already building the setup… You […]

Manning admits leak “to make the world a better place.”

Pfc. Bradley Manning, hero among antiwar and whistle-blower advocacy groups,  confessed in open court to providing vast archives of military and diplomatic files including videos of airstrikes in Iraq and Afghanistan which killed civilians  to the antisecrecy group WikiLeaks, saying that he wanted the information to become public “to make the world a better […]

Another genocidal maniac released

A Serbian general who was sentenced to 27 years for crimes against humanity has been released on appeal by The Hague. Momcilo Perisic, who commanded the Yugoslav army during the wars in Bosnia and Croatia, was found guilty after a trial in 2011. “Mr Perisic may have known of VRS [Serb Army of Republika Srpska, […]

Strange occurrence of Swiss shootings

Mass shootings are uncommon in Switzerland, but the shooting in Menznau was the second such episode in two months, and it could revive debate on gun control in Switzerland, where it is estimated that there are between two and three million guns in circulation among the country’s population of eight million people. Shootings seem […]

Police drag person behind truck until dead

South African police tie citizen to truck bumper and drag him to his death while onlookers record video. A lonely female voice uttered, “look at what is happening to God’s children.”“They killed one of our brothers like he was a dog,”In 2005-2006, South African police shot 281 people dead. Within three years the number […]

Supreme Court upholds eavesdropping on US citizens

The US Supreme Court on Tuesday struck down a challenge to a federal law that broadened the government’s power to eavesdrop on phone calls and e-mails. Due to decision the Supreme Court will never rule on the constitutionality of that 2008 law.  The coffin is slamming shut on the ability of private citizens and […]

Israel tortures Palestinian to death

Palestinians call it an “assassination” of Arafat Jaradat, the prisoner who died in Israeli custody on Saturday. Palestinian leaders have placed blame for Mr. Jaradat’s death on what they described as “severe torture” during interrogation. Israeli officials had at first attributed the death to a heart attack. But Palestinian officials said the lack of […]

US denies arming Al Qaeda

Syria’s rebels get most of their arsenal from US Allies Qatar, Turkey and Saudi Arabia but the new US Secretary of State John Kerry says the US is only looking to provide non-lethal assistance to carefully vetted fighters opposed to Syrian President Basher Assad. Who are they fooling with this hypocrisy?

Elite want older guinea pigs for space mission

“The idea of sending older astronauts on longer duration missions, after they have had children, has been around for a while. The reasoning is that such a long duration mission, outside of the protective magnetosphere of the Earth, could leave them infertile. “However results emerging from the so-called Mars500 project suggests that even carefully […]

Donna Karan steals photographers images

DKNY uses 300 of US photographer’s photos  in a Bangkok shop window display without permission or compensation after the fashion firm fails to negotiate on use. DKNY offers the bullshit excuse, “it appears that inadvertently the store in Bangkok used an internal mock up containing some of Mr Stanton’s images.” “We apologize for this […]

Britain obstructs justice for trade

The lawyer for the family of former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko, who was murdered in London in 2006, accused Britain and Russia on Tuesday of colluding to try and shut down an inquiry into his death for the sake of trade links. The British government is trying to keep some information about the death […]

Lithuanians tell Chevron to go away

Lithuanians are protesting against the government’s plan to proceed with shale gas exploration. The demonstrations in Vilnius were fueled by a recent decision to issue an exploration license to U.S. oil company Chevron in western Lithuania.  Protesters on Tuesday banged drums and held signs reading “Chevron, go away!” and “No American capitalists on Lithuanian […]

France looks to tax data mining

Google and Facebook know that you “likes” wine, are shopping for a Volkswagen and often e-mail Jane Doe. The new idea would require the companies to pay a tax for gathering that information. While business plans built on mining consumers’ personal information from the Internet are proliferating, so are concerns about the use of […]

Zero Dark Thirty exploits voice of 9/11 victim

Zero Dark Thirty features the voice of Betty Ann Ong, who was on one of the planes that hit the World Trade Center.”I thought it was just outrageous, and totally poor judgment, and an abuse of the voices,” said the family. The movie has been at the center of much controversy since its release, […]

CIA special forces commit war crimes

It became clear that armed individuals named as US special forces stationed in Afghanistan engage in harassing, annoying, torturing and even murdering innocent people. A recent example in the province is an incident in which nine people were disappeared in an operation by this suspicious force and in a separate incident a student […]

Banksters back internet usury

Major banks are behind the Internet-based payday lenders that offer short-term loans with interest rates sometimes exceeding 500 percent. JPMorgan Chase, Bank of America and Wells Fargo allow lenders to tap checking accounts even after the customers have begged them to stop the withdrawals. Many customers who are already on shaky financial footing face […]

Destroying the father image destroys the family

The hapless, bumbling father who is the comic foil to the supercompetent mother that is a stock character in product marketing is pure propaganda. Marketers continued to portray fathers as babbling buffoons who need constant supervision. “The verbiage was implying that dads need the help of a special product to overcome incompetence,”

Preserving the roots of humanity

The human condition as god created must be preserved. The NWO agenda to cull humanity and create a transhuman race with technological and genetic augmentation is inherently evil. [VIDEO…]