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US Justice Department allows profiling to continue

Attorney General Eric H. Holder Jr.’s long-awaited revisions to the Justice Department’s racial profiling rules would allow the F.B.I. to continue many, if not all, of the tactics opposed by civil rights groups, such as mapping ethnic populations and using that data to recruit informants and open investigations. The new rules, which are in […]

EU funds Rolls-Royce robotic ship development

Unmanned ships could become a reality on our oceans within the decade. The firm has been showing off the designs for its concept crewless ships. The EU is funding a 3.5m euro (£2.8m) project dubbed Maritime Unmanned Navigation through Intelligence (Munin) which aims to develop its own autonomous ship. Writing about the future of […]

Genetic testing and the prospects for unwanted life

Genetic testing of embryos has been around for more than a decade, but its use has soared in recent years as methods have improved and more disease-causing genes have been discovered. The in vitro testing is expensive — about $20,000 — but they make it possible for couples to ensure that their children will not […]

Google’s Chrome browser contains eavesdropping capabilty

Any computer running the Chrome browser can be subverted to eavesdrop on conversations happening around it, claims a developer. Israeli coder Tal Ater found the bug while working on his own speech recognition software. Despite Google finding a way to fix the bug in October 2013 the update has yet to be rolled out […]

Hacked smart refrigerator sends out spam messages

A fridge has been discovered sending out spam after a web attack managed to compromise smart gadgets. The fridge was one of more than 100,000 devices used to take part in the spam campaign. Uncovered by security firm Proofpoint the attack compromised computers, home routers, media PCs and smart TV sets. The attack is […]

Man throws himself into river after cellphone

A man is dead and a woman is missing after the man dropped his phone into the Chicago River and fell in after it, authorities say.  The incident occurred along a river walk on Monday when the man fell into the water while lunging for his phone.   A man and a woman went […]

Anarchist technology and the reality of transhumanism

“Technology can be compared to a hammer.  It doesn’t care if you use it to build a house or crush someone’s skull.” – Noam Chomsky. Transhumanism has been defined as a intellectual and cultural movement supporting the use of science and technology to improve human mental and physical characteristics and capacities. The movement regards involuntary […]