Israel tortures Palestinian to death

Palestinians call it an “assassination” of Arafat Jaradat, the prisoner who died in Israeli custody on Saturday. Palestinian leaders have placed blame for Mr. Jaradat’s death on what they described as “severe torture” during interrogation. Israeli officials had at first attributed the death to a heart attack. But Palestinian officials said the lack of heart damage coupled with bruising on the man’s chest, back and neck suggested that he was tortured during interrogation.“The signs that appeared during the autopsy show clearly that he was subjected to severe torture that led immediately to his death,”He was arrested last Monday over throwing stones at Israeli cars near a West Bank settlement in November. The autopsy showed “severe” bruising in multiple areas: the right side of the chest, the upper right part of the back, upper left shoulder and along the spine near the bottom of the neck. The pathologist reported no blood clotting or sign of heart damage, he added, but did see two broken ribs, an injury inside the lower lip and blood around the nostrils.

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