Monthly Archives: January 2013

Gun laws have little effect

Defenders of the second amendment have legitimate concerns. According to NYT, Chicago, a city with no civilian gun ranges and bans on both assault weapons and high-capacity magazines, finds itself laboring to stem a flood of gun violence that contributed to more than 500 homicides last year. Illinois remains the only state in the […]

Elite uninfluenced by “No Budget, No Pay”

According to NYT, the elite are so wealthy that their Congressional paychecks represent little more than a rounding error. Congress has long been richer than typical Americans. But the gap between the financial standing of members and the population as a whole appears to have grown in recent decades.

Sex slavery alive and well

If there was any doubt that sex slavery exists and is wide spread. Sex-slavery ring discovered in Mexico on the United States border.

Russia suspects US role in heroin

Russian leery of NWO civil engineering. US government pulls out of a joint working group with the Russians on civil society, disagree on Afghan heroin production. Lessons of Chinese opium war not lost on Russians.

Oil giant pollutes Africa

A Dutch court has rejected suit against Anglo-Dutch oil giant Shell over oil pollution in Nigeria’s Niger Delta region. Corporations continue to pollute with impunity. Imperialist states reject legal recourse by citizens. Shell “happy” as Nigerian farmers and Friends of the Earth “flabbergasted” more:

UN to buy Syria

More than $1.2bn (£760m) has been pledged to buy off the remaining population of Syria following the genocide of young Syrian men who may pose any resistance in the future. A discovery of dozens of bodies with their hands tied behind their backs and gunshots wounds to their heads, suggested they were summarily executed.

Drones enter African agenda

US to establish a drone base in northwest Africa. Previously posted that the NWO has targeted Africa and that drone operations were to expand to the continent. According to NYT, …indication of the priority Africa has become in American military efforts. The United States military has had a limited presence in Africa, with only […]