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World reacts to Donald Trump elected US president (video)

If you haven’t heard about it, a guy called Donald Trump won the American presidential election this week after a long, gruelling campaign as underdog against his main rival Hilary Clinton. When Trump’s victory was announced, there were a few people who had some less than pleasant reactions. -Bearing FUCKING HYSTERICAL!

Cultural Marxism: If you don’t know, now you know (video)

Good, digestible and short documentary on Critical Theory philosophy, Cultural Marxism and The Frankfurt School. It references current day examples of the the intended social upheaval and the Fabian Socialist agenda. Explains very well the intolerance of the modern tolerance movement.

Documentary film points to NYC Long Lines Building as spy hub

From a sidewalk in Lower Manhattan, the building at 33 Thomas Street, known as the Long Lines Building, looks like nothing less than a monument to the prize of privacy. With not a window in its walls from the ground up to its height of 550 feet, 33 Thomas looms over Church Street with […]

Obama joins Merkel in trying to mend crumbling New World Order

US President Barack Obama has made a strong defence of globalisation as he arrived in Germany on his final visit to Europe before leaving office. In a joint article, Mr Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel said that with the global economy developing faster than ever, co-operation was vital. Mr Obama arrived in Germany […]

Stage set for a pre-election false flag and thwarted vote

US authorities say they are assessing the credibility of information they received on a possible al-Qaeda terror attack on the eve of election day. New York, Texas and Virginia are believed to be the potential targets mentioned but a police spokesman said the information “lacks specificity”. Officials say they regularly assess all possible threats […]

Hacked light bulbs can spy on you and trigger a seizure

The so-called Internet of Things, its proponents argue, offers many benefits: energy efficiency, technology so convenient it can anticipate what you want, even reduced congestion on the roads. Now here’s the bad news: Putting a bunch of wirelessly connected devices in one area could prove irresistible to hackers. And it could allow them to […]

Automated cars are here and they are taking service jobs

Ronald De Feo has watched robots take factory jobs for years. Now he sees them threatening a new class of worker: People who drive for a living. “I am in Pittsburgh; it’s a test market for Uber’s autonomous vehicle,” says De Feo, CEO of the industrial materials firm Kennametal. “We see all these (automated) […]

The false narrative of increased yields from GMO crops

The controversy over genetically modified crops has long focused on fears that they are unsafe to eat. But an extensive examination by The New York Times indicates that the debate has missed a more basic problem — genetic modification in the United States and Canada has not accelerated increases in crop yields or led […]

Paid content delivers dystopic Brave New World

By Oppenheimer Funds. In recent years, technologies guided by data and information flow, and coupled with enhanced forms of our senses, are providing new ways of understanding ourselves. Emerging biometric and identity science technologies are using data to create new methods of analyzing our physical bodies and behavioral patterns, leading to novel ways of understanding […]

AI robot weapons systems have scientists alarmed in US

The Pentagon has put artificial intelligence at the center of its strategy and is spending billions of dollars to develop autonomous and semiautonomous weapons. Their building an arsenal stocked with the kind of weaponry that until now has existed only in Hollywood movies and science fiction, raising alarm among scientists and activists concerned by […]

My Comment on New York Times Anti-Trump Op Ed

Everyone can see what is happening here. Another concerted effort to demonize Trump. No matter what you think of the guy personally, and that’s really what it is, he is the legitimate Republican candidate for presidency of the United States. If anything is a threat to the democratic tradition of this country, it is […]

Royal College begins testing testosterone on women

Nick Panay, from the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynaecologists and consultant gynaecologist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, told a General Practitioner’s conference, there was a need to tell women about the possible benefits of taking testosterone. He said he believed testosterone should be made available to all women who could […]

Conspiracy Philosophy 101: Ed Griffin & Michael Tsarion

G. Edward Griffin is an American author, lecturer, and filmmaker. He is the author of The Creature from Jekyll Island (1994), which uncovers the vast conspiracy responsible for the creation of the US Federal Reserve System.  Griffin’s writings expose a number conspiracies regarding various political, defense and health care interests. His book World Without […]

Refresher course in ideology: The Power of Nightmares

The Power of Nightmares: The Rise of the Politics of Fear is a BBC television documentary series by Adam Curtis. It mainly consists of archive footage, with Curtis narrating. The series was originally broadcast in the United Kingdom in 2004. It has subsequently been aired in multiple countries and shown at various film festivals, […]

FLA key residents stand up to US GMO mosquito plan

Several years ago, the Florida Keys Mosquito Control District offered up the peninsula of Key Haven, a tiny suburb of Key West, for the first United States test of genetically modified mosquitoes built to blunt the spread of dengue and Zika, it was only a matter of time before opposition mounted. Today, even as […]

Drivers Not Wanted: Uber to test self-driving cars in US

The ride-sharing firm Uber will, for the first time, allow users to hail self-driving cars within a fortnight, the company has confirmed. Uber said the launch would take place in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It added that it was teaming up with Volvo. At first, the vehicles will be supervised by a driver, who can take […]

UN admits it caused deadly cholera outbreak in Haiti

 For the first time since a cholera epidemic imported by United Nations peacekeepers began killing thousands of Haitians nearly six years ago, the office of Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has admitted that the United Nations played a role in the initial outbreak and that a “significant new set of U.N. actions” will be needed to […]

UK looks to limit free speech of social media users

A new team of specialist police officers is being set up to investigate online so-called online hate crime on Twitter and Facebook. The London-based hub will include a team of five officers who will support victims and identify online abuse. The two-year pilot will cost £1.7m and has received £452,000 from the Home Office, […]

China teams with US to push GMO on world population

China will push for the commercialization of genetically modified soybeans over the next five years boosting output of the crop by the world’s top soy importer and consumer. China, which has spent billions of dollars researching GMO crops, has already embraced the technology for cotton but has not yet permitted the cultivation of any […]

Robots at Rio Olympics taking more journalism jobs

It’s the summer of bots, after a spring of bots, probably before an autumn of bots. At the Republican and Democratic conventions, news outlets trotted out their new experiments: BuzzFeed’s Facebook messenger bot collected news, The Washington Post’s bot on wheels rolled around live streaming video, and CNN reported the news to teenagers via a […]