My Comment on New York Times Anti-Trump Op Ed

Everyone can see what is happening here. Another concerted effort to demonize Trump. No matter what you think of the guy personally, and that’s really what it is, he is the legitimate Republican candidate for presidency of the United States. If anything is a threat to the democratic tradition of this country, it is the overwhelming scheme to overturn his candidacy and campaign to favor someone whose judgement, ethics and loyalties are certainly in question. I can understand why Trump is not well liked. But this ongoing and intensifying vilification is an obvious attempt by the establishment to deny the American people a candidate of their choosing (for a second time). Shame on you.


Ken A

Portland, OR 3 hours ago

I’m sorry, but your comment is utter nonsense. It does not require a concerted effort to demonize Trump; he demonizes himself every time he opens his mouth. Showing Trump for what he is is not an attempt by the establishment to deny the American people anything.

And by the way, Trump IS the establishment. He is just taking advantage of his supporters to further his own goals and feed his boundless narcissism. To the extent he has any platform at all, it is to cut taxes for wealthy people like him.

Enjoy the Kool-Aid–just don’t complain to the rest of us when you figure out it’s laced with cyanide.


  1. We are led to believe US Presidents are the most powerful people in the world. Maybe that was once true, but today they’re beholden to the elites and special interests who get them into office. They’re high level corporate mascots and PR reps used for photo ops, speeches, ceremonial rituals and signing papers to make them “official”. Trump, despite his flaws, would be better fit for the role because he is a more honest representation of political reality. His lies are more obvious whereas Hillary’s are subtle and convoluted. The ratio of true and untrue statements they make seem comparable though the true statements Trump makes may resonate more for most people.

  2. True, i’m not a supporter of Ttump, per se. In recent history, though, the executive branch, unfortunately, has been strengthened enough to make it dangerous.
    The evil sytem has shown its hand. It has doubled down on Hillary to carry the agenda through. She will be our next president. Trump is the spoiler and I’m glad for that. And the fact that he doesn’t seem to be taking special interest money. Otherwise, he means little to me. My dread is that by the end of the first term of Hillary’s presidency much of our freedoms may be lost. And with that our chance at a peaceful and prosperous existence. God help us.

  3. I agree, but my point was that presidents as people are less powerful than the office itself and the convergence of interests surrounding it. What probably frightens the establishment most about Trump is his unpredictability, stubbornness and potential disloyalty. But if by some chance he became president, thought it would be better than a Clinton presidency, it’s likely he’d be a lame duck and/or forced to compromise. It’s amusing to think Trump was initially “boosted” by the DNC to make Clinton comparatively more electable, as Wikileaks has shown. If the plan doesn’t backfire it will get very close to doing so.

  4. Right. And you are correct about the potential for change from the office of POTUS. As if that office could actually precipitate some sort of savior. That position is certainly compromised and has been for some time. JFK death comes to mind.
    Actually the Trump candidacy was “boosted” initially to sideline the liberty-based support of Rand Paul, who was a genuine threat. And, it seems, Trump, once realizing the weight of that mantle, doubled-crossed his boosters. If his intent is genuine, he has taken a great risk angering the establishment.

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