Monthly Archives: December 2015

Police state hackers begin targeting dissenters

A shadowy cyber-espionage group that sent malware to the prosecutor whose mysterious death transfixed Argentina early this year has been hitting targets in left-leaning nations across South America, the Internet watchdog group Citizen Lab reported Wednesday. The breadth and brazenness of the hackers’ activity bear the hallmarks of state sponsorship, the researchers found. So […]

Infants perscribed antipsychotic pharmaceuticals

Andrew Rios’s seizures began when he was 5 months old and only got worse. At 18 months a neurologist prescribed him the antipsychotic Risperdal, a drug typically used to treat schizophrenia and bipolar disorder in adults, and rarely used for children as young as 5 years. When Andrew screamed in his sleep and seemed […]

Media blocks comments on “White Guilt” stories

I usually don’t make comments on the internet. I rarely do for this blog. However, when I see stories that are blatant race bating propaganda I feel compelled to chime in. I must preface by saying that I understand the argument that race based social and economic stratification is inherently unjust but I don’t agree […]

Experts call for moratorium on genetic mad science

An international group of scientists meeting in Washington called on Thursday for what would, in effect, be a moratorium on making inheritable changes to the human genome. The group said it would be “irresponsible to proceed” until the risks could be better assessed and until there was “broad societal consensus about the appropriateness” of […]

Saudis bomb Doctors Without Borders in Yemen

A military coalition led by Saudi Arabia that bombed a Doctors Without Borders clinic in Yemen on Wednesday had regularly been provided with the coordinates of the clinic, the medical charity said in a statement on Thursday. The airstrikes on the clinic, in the war-torn southern city of Taiz, wounded nine people, including two […]

German spy agency calls out Saudi imperialism

The German government issued an unusual public rebuke to its own foreign intelligence service on Thursday over a blunt memo saying that Saudi Arabia was playing an increasingly destabilizing role in the Middle East. The intelligence agency’s memo risked playing havoc with Berlin’s efforts to show solidarity with France in its military campaign against […]

Hackers collect images of children from smart toys

An attack on children’s toy and electronics company Vtech allowed a computer hacker to access pictures of customers’ children, according to Vice Media’s Motherboard section. Last week, BBC News reported many children’s addresses had been accessed. And, on Monday<;, Vtech confirmed five million customers had been affected and suspended trading in its shares on […]