Monthly Archives: April 2015

US stokes proxy war with Iran in Yemen

The aircraft carrier Theodore Roosevelt and a guided missile cruiser were headed to the waters off Yemen on Monday to join 10 other American warships as a warning to Iran about its shipments of weapons to rebels there, American officials said. The Obama administration cast the deployment primarily as a show of force, but […]

Californians stall mandatory vaccination scheme

Several hundred Californians swarmed the State Capitol on Wednesday to oppose a bill that would eliminate their right not to vaccinate their children against contagious diseases like measles. They were able to help stall a committee vote on the legislation by a week. The bill, introduced after a measles outbreak over the winter that […]

Russians reiterate Ukraine conflict is fault of US

Russian Defence Minister Sergei Shoigu on Thursday blamed the United States and its allies for the conflict in Ukraine, saying their drive to bring Kiev closer to the West was a threat to Moscow and had forced it to react. Speaking at an annual security conference, Shoigu accused Washington of seeking worldwide military and […]