Is Rand Paul the only rational voice regarding the Iraq crisis?

In a Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing Thursday, Kentucky U.S. Sen. Rand Paul spoke about the possibility of the U.S. sending a confusing message because of its conflicting interests in the Middle East.

In Syria, where the U.S. has provided support to moderate Sunni Muslim rebels, Paul says “we are on the same side as ISIS,” (the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, also called ISIL), which is fighting to defeat President Bashar al-Asad. In Iraq, the United States opposes ISIL, which promises to take Baghdad. “We are on both sides of two different wars,” Paul said.

To further complicate the situation, the Shiite government in Iran, which the United States has sanctioned because of its nuclear program, has announced it will send troops to help the Iraqi government that the United States is supporting.

Paul urged caution, because “for someone who’s going to lay down their life it needs to be much more, I think, clear cut who is our enemy.” Paul also voiced disapproval that the country could go to war without a vote from Congress.

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