Homosexual “witch hunt” continues in Nigeria

A roundup of gay men, accused of belonging to a gay organization, has begun in the Bauchi State of Nigeria, rights activists and officials said. http://www.nytimes.com/2014/01/15/world/africa/nigeria-rights-chief-assails-law-as-roundup-of-gays-begins.html?ref=world Dorothy Aken’Ova, director of Nigeria’s International Center for Reproductive Health and Sexual Rights, said the police detained four gay men last month and tortured them until they named others. The police have since arrested 38 men and were looking for 168 others, Ms. Aken’Ova told The A.P. Mustapha Baba Ilela, chairman of the Bauchi State Shariah Commission, told the agency that 11 gay men had been arrested, and he denied that any had been mistreated.

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