Monthly Archives: November 2013

10 US states pass their own privacy laws after NSA revelations

Over two dozen privacy laws have passed this year in more than 10 states, in places as different as Oklahoma and California. Many lawmakers say that news reports of widespread surveillance by the National Security Agency have led to more support for the bills among constituents.  And in some cases, the state lawmakers say, […]

Disabled Greeks protest new austerity tax on property

Retirees, the disabled and high school teachers were among thousands of protesters who clogged the Greek capital’s streets Thursday to demonstrate against a new property tax and other austerity measures. The show of anger disrupted traffic for more than eight hours. Parliament is due to vote next week on proposals to replace an emergency […]

NYPD’s Ray Kelly heckled out of Brown U over Stop and Frisk

New York City Police Commissioner Ray Kelly was shouted down by protesters at Brown University, forcing administrators at the Ivy League school to call off his lecture on “Proactive Policing in America’s Biggest City.” More than 100 students and social justice activists turned out Tuesday to protest the NYPD’s stop-and-frisk policy and its surveillance […]

Michigan drug users to be denied unemployment

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder signed a law on Tuesday denying unemployment benefits to job seekers who fail company drug tests. Businesses do not have to notify the state when applicants fail drug tests or decline to take them. But if they pass along the information, applicants not hired because of failed drug tests will lose […]

US population bewildered over Google barges on both coasts

There is a mysterious barge floating in San Francisco Bay with Google’s fingerprints all over it. The question is what Google wants to do with it, and Google won’t say. The barge is being operated by Google, according to a person with knowledge of it who would speak only anonymously because the project is […]

US police use GPS vehicle tagging bullet to track suspects

A button inside the police car triggers a lid to pop up releasing a GPS bullet that shoots out and sticks to the suspects car. The system, dubbed Starchase, is already in use in four US states – Iowa, Florida, Arizona and Colorado – and the firm behind it is now keen to get the […]