US limits airspace for Maduro’s trip to UN

In a speech in the capital Caracas, Nicholas Maduro also accused the US of refusing to issue a visa to a top official in order to attend a UN meeting next week.
US officials have not confirmed or commented on the claims.
Venezuela’s relations with the US have been often been strained, both under Mr Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chavez and since his own election in April.
Mr Maduro said that US authorities had barred his plane from travelling over the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico, a US territory, on a planned trip to China later this week.
He described the move as a “serious offence” while Foreign Minister Elias Jaua said it was “another act of aggression on the part of US imperialism”.


  1. It’s sad to see so many U.S. citizens stay quiet about horribly embarrassing incidents such as this and what the U.S. did to Evo Morales. The Evil Empire is continually planting the seeds of its own destruction.

    1. Thanks again for supporting the blog.
      These acts are illegal and indicative of the coming global police state. The systemic ability to globally hunt you down, dissuade you from travel and persecute you for freely expressing dissent is a travesty.
      We are a hair’s breadth away from global fascism brought about by the Anglo-American greed for world dominance.
      We need to do anything we can to wake people up before it’s too late. WTFU (Wake The Fuck Up) people!

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