China asks for evidence in West pretext for war with Syria

China, clinging to a longstanding policy of noninterference, said on Wednesday that it opposed military action against Syria and insisted that the truth about the chemical weapons attack against civilians last week remained unclear.   As momentum built for Western military strikes against Syria, China was unmoved by the conclusions of Western governments that the Syrian government used banned chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus, the capital, killing scores of men, women and children as they slept.
“Some external powers passed the ‘verdict’ on the Syrian government under conditions where the truth is not yet clear,” People’s Daily, the official voice of the government, said Wednesday. “All parties ought to patiently wait for the results of the investigation.”

“External military intervention would be at odds with the tenets of the charter of the United Nations and the basic rules of international relations, and it would also exacerbate turmoil in the Middle East,” the foreign minister said in a statement Wednesday. “China calls on all sides to exercise restraint and calm, and to stick to the correct track of a political solution.”

He carefully avoided assigning blame for the use of the weapons. Chinese experts on the Middle East insisted that it would be nearly impossible to come up with definitive proof of who used them.
“As far as I know it is very hard to get the evidence,” said Yin Gang, a Middle East analyst at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.

The Chinese government is not convinced that military strikes will be limited, the Middle East experts said. Any Western military action will probably result in a wider conflict in the Middle East.

“If Obama starts a war, he helps Al Qaeda,” said Mr. Yin. “Al Qaeda may do something against Israel. Obama should think about what Iran would do.”

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