17 journalists assassinated in Dagestan for reporting truth

A prominent journalist who had accused local authorities of persecuting and kidnapping Muslims was shot dead in an ambush in the violent Russian republic of Dagestan on Tuesday. http://www.nytimes.com/2013/07/10/world/europe/journalist-assassinated-in-violent-russian-republic.html?ref=world&_r=0  The journalist and deputy editor of the independent daily newspaper Novoye Delo, had already survived a January assassination attempt at the same spot just outside the capital, Makhachkala. The killing is the latest in a steady tide of attacks on journalists in Dagestan, which is facing a low-level Islamic insurgency. According to data from the Russian Union of Journalists, Akhmednabi Akhmednabiyev is the 17th journalist to be killed or die under suspicious circumstances in Dagestan since 1993.
In the majority of the assassinations, journalists are shot in their cars, and the cases are rarely solved.
Mr. Akhmednabiyev saw few topics as off limits, writing about what he described as extrajudicial kidnappings by local security forces, human rights violations during counterterrorism operations, and pressure against Muslim organizations.
He regularly received threatening phone calls and text messages from unidentified sources.
Deadly attacks, which are rarely solved by the local police, have become a common way of silencing journalists in Dagestan in recent years.
Some of the several hundred mourners held signs, one that read: “Who’s next?”

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