Afghans shot protesting deaths at US base

Soon after family members found what they believe are the bodies of the last three people still missing out of 17 Afghan men detained by an American Special Forces team in Wardak Province, another tragedy found them: they said one person was killed and another was critically wounded on Tuesday when Afghan Army troops opened fire on the family members at an unruly demonstration to protest the deaths of their relatives.  The deaths, and accusations of torture after the 17 men had been detained, have increased tensions between Afghan and American officials, who are in sharp disagreement about who is responsible.
Since then, family members have searched desperately for the remains of the missing, only to discover 10 of the 17 close to the former American base.
“We blame both for the murder of my brother. The Americans because they detained him and took him away from his shop in broad daylight, and the government for its failure to defend and protects its citizens’ rights.”

Although provincial officials denied that had happened, officials at the hospital in Maidan Shahr confirmed it. According to Dr. Abdul Samad Hakimi, the medical director of the hospital, two civilians with gunshot wounds were taken there from the demonstration. One died, he said, and the other was in very critical condition.

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