More bodies found outside US base

Of the 17 people from Wardak Province whom Afghan investigators said disappeared into American custody, 14 have now been found dead. The spokesman for the governor of Wardak Province, confirmed that four more bodies had been uncovered and identified by their relatives as being among the missing, but he said their identities had not yet been verified by forensic investigators. “According to local officials, the bodies were recovered some 150 to 200 meters from the outer wall of the base,” he said. At least three other victims’ bodies were previously found close to the base.
Mr. Naimatullah, 35, said that his two brothers, Sediqullah, 28, and Estmatullah, 25, disappeared after a raid on their house during a roundup of men from the village of Amer Kheil on Nov. 20 and were seen being taken by the Special Forces A Team into the base. He said the American military later told him they did not have the young men in custody.
“if they were criminals or Taliban, which court proved that? Which law allowed them to kill my brothers and dump their bodies in the middle of nowhere? If they had been proven guilty, I wouldn’t complain. They could hang them in public and I wouldn’t complain.” said Mr. Naimatullah, who, like his brothers and many other Afghans, uses only one name. 

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