US operative killed fighting with Syrian rebels

F.B.I. agents from Detroit’s field office showed up in Flint, Mich. with reports and images, broadcast by pro-government news media agencies in Syria, show that Nicole Lynn Mansfield, 33, and a British man were among three people killed in Syria on Wednesday during a confrontation with government forces. The state media agencies broadcast a video of a bullet-riddled car in which, they said, Ms. Mansfield had been a passenger. They said she had tossed a grenade at government forces before they fired upon the car in Idlib Province in the north of Syria. They displayed photos of Ms. Mansfield’s Michigan driver’s license, alongside photos of her body, covered in blood, with a report claiming that she was working on behalf of one of Syria’s rebel groups. She worked alongside Ali al-Munasifi, the British man, who was also killed and identified by the state media as being in the car with her. The third man in the car has not been identified.
Mansfield went on a trip to Washington that year to attend a rally on behalf of the Egyptian activists seeking to overthrow President Hosni Mubarak.

The dead woman’s father, Greg Mansfield, said that he had been concerned for several years about his daughter, who had converted to Islam several years ago. He said that his daughter’s views on Israel had prompted him to ask the F.B.I. to revoke her passport three years ago to prevent her from traveling outside the country.
Mansfield posted photographs on the Facebook page, which has since been removed, from the conflict in Syria, where tens of thousands of people have died in the last two years. Before her friend left for Syria she had been living in Detroit with a Muslims.

Her new-found faith coincided with a trip she made to Dubai. Nicole told her family she was going there to go to college and live in a penthouse, and that she was being taken care of financially.

But she returned after about six weeks.

What exactly happened during the visit is unclear.

“I think she had a hard time getting out of the country then, because she called my youngest daughter and said, ‘If I’m not home by Friday call the US embassy’, so I think she ran into something over there,”

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