Right-Wing Extremist Month and the Boston Marathon False Flag

An InfoWars reporter got the first question to Governor Deval L. Patrick of Massachusetts during a press briefing following the bombings at the Boston Marathon asking if the terror attack was a false flag operation. At least someone got it out there. I’m afraid this one is going to fall on domestic terrorists and accelerate the agenda of whittling away our civil liberties. My bet is on right-wing patriots, constitutionalists or Oath Keepers, who happen to be in Boston for Patriot Day. Alex Jones and InfoWars hits the nail on the head. http://youtu.be/I0hlUJc_Kvc 

We have already heard about law enforcement labeling people who stand up for their constitutional rights being labeled as terrorists. This will surely solidify it for the masses. To find the truth, unveil the motivation. Only the state benefits for terror attacks like this. It only serves their agenda. It’s called an agenda accelerator.

Some reports have indicated that security drills provided cover for the actual attack. Typical MO for state orchestrated terror. 9/11 and UK 7/7 had similar cover. Besides April is Right-Wing Extremist Month.

Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City.

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