Monthly Archives: March 2013

Fracking causes earthquakes

Scientists say wastewater injection from hydraulic fracturing was linked to a magnitude-5.7 earthquake that struck the US state of Oklahoma.  The practice risks causing seismic events and contaminating groundwater. The study in Geology shows that “induced seismicity” can occur years after wastewater injection begins. The new study adds to an increasing body of evidence […]

Mobile devices can unknowingly disclose identity

Scientists say it is remarkably easy to identify a mobile phone user from just a few pieces of location information. Whenever a phone is switched on, its connection to the network means its position and movement can be plotted. This data is given anonymously to third parties, both to drive services for the user […]

Spy goggles raise privacy concerns

Protesters against Google Glass surveillance goggles are concerned that privacy will be impossible when surveillance products become ubiquitous and have started a campaign, Stop the Cyborgs, to limit their use.  The camera-equipped headset suspends a small screen in front of an owner and pipes information to that display. Glass can surreptitiously take pictures and […]

Pinpointed by mapping technology

Apple has bought indoor-mapping specialist Wifislam as it looks to expand its maps product to compete with Google. Google’s service also draws data from nearby wifi hotspots and signal towers to pinpoint location in a way which is more accurate than satellite positioning. Wifislam’s technology works by using smartphones to “pinpoint its location (and the […]

Guantanamo gets an upgrade

The United States Southern Command has requested $49 million to build a new Camp 7 prison building at Guantánamo Bay where so-called high-value detainees were formerly held by the Central Intelligence Agency and complete other renovations they say are necessary since Congress has decided to keep it open indefinitely.  The potential taxpayer bill for […]

US and Afghan militant carousel

The decision by the US to hand over of the Bagram Prison was said to have been eased in part by “private assurances” from Afghan officials. “We are on the same page,”  Kerry said. “I don’t think there is any disagreement between us,” Among those released in recent years by Afghan officials or Afghan […]

ICE confinement amounts to abuse

The United States has come under sharp criticism at home and abroad for relying on solitary confinement in its prisons more than any other democratic nation in the world. Immigration and Customs Enforcement places its jailed immigrants in solitary, this practice is startling because those detainees are being held on civil, not criminal, charges. […]