Mysterious Superbowl black out

After Beyonce performed flashing a pyramid hand sign during the 2013 Superbowl half-time show at the Superdome, the stadium power went out for 33 minutes  and 54 seconds returning at exactly 8:00pm. According to NYT, Concerned the Superdome might not be able to handle the energy needed for its first Super Bowl since Katrina, officials spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on upgrades to decayed utility lines.”…this enhancement is necessary to maintain both the Superdome and the New Orleans Arena as top tier facilities, and to ensure that we do not experience any electrical issues during the Super Bowl,”said an LSED document dated Dec. 19. Investigation found the replacement work in December did not appear to have caused Sunday’s outage. It wasn’t Beyonce’s halftime performance. She brought her own generator. It remained unclear what the abnormality was or why it occurred.

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