Five men in dark business suits gathered before Maria Kiwanuka in a semicircle. They were international bankers and they had a pitch to make. Ms. Kiwanuka, the finance minister of Uganda, was sitting up on a small riser, her bright pink and gold dress a sharp contrast to the men’s suits. Bankers are jockeying […]

Britain’s efforts to investigate a long list of child abuse scandals suffered another setback this week, when it emerged that the new head of a national inquiry was on “dinner party terms” with a former minister most likely to be questioned about an alleged cover-up. The government’s first choice to lead the investigation, Elizabeth […]

A former Russian soldier who switched sides during the Soviet war in Afghanistan, stayed behind and later fought American troops will be flown to the United States to face terrorism charges, a federal official said Thursday. The transfer resolves a matter that has bedeviled the American government for years as officials debated what to […]

A federal judge on Thursday dismissed two lawsuits against the Internal Revenue Service related to the agency’s treatment of conservative groups seeking tax-exempt status, ruling that no remedy was necessary because the groups’ applications were ultimately approved. “The allegedly unconstitutional governmental conduct, which delayed the processing of the plaintiff’s tax-exempt application and brought about […]

American security officials said Thursday that they were looking into a new report that Islamic State militants had used chlorine gas as a weapon against Iraqi police officers last month near Balad, north of Baghdad. According to the accounts of the officers, fighters for the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL, set […]

The Canadian police acknowledged on Thursday that the gunman who traumatized the capital in a deadly shooting rampage had not been identified as a security threat despite his criminal record in three cities, embrace of extremist ideas and intent to travel to Syria. The police also conceded that they did not even know that […]

An unmanned US plane on a top-secret, two-year mission to space has returned to Earth and landed in California. The aircraft, resembling a miniature space shuttle and known as the Orbital Test Vehicle or X-37B, spent 674 days in orbit around the planet. It was the unmanned plane’s third space flight, but its mission […]


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